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Apr 12, 2009

R4i for Nintendo DSi Free Download

The R4i for Nintendo DSi has been released. The R4i Adapter for Nintendo DSi is a mini electronic cartridge that accepts flash memory. The newest kernel version of R4i and R4 Ultra is 1.53 is now available for free download on this site.
Watch R4i for Nintendo DSi demo video below.

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Apr 7, 2009

Shu-Lip for iPod shuffle third-generation

Shu-Lip is the first Apple-developed accessory for the third-generation iPod shuffle. Designed as an alternative to Apple's iPod shuffle USB Cable, Shu-Lip is an aluminum USB dock for the shuffle with a standard full-sized USB plug on one end, and a shuffle-specific headphone port power and sync adapter on the other. With a slightly larger radius than the shuffle, it may be a tight fit for some computers' USB ports, but looks pretty nice, assuming you're willing to pay nearly Apple pricing for a simple USB connector.
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Globe Autoload Via Internet

Autoload Via Internet is an online outlet for Globe and Touch Mobile prepaid value reloads. AUTOLOAD VIA INTERNET is a service of Paysetter International Inc. In partnership with Globe Telecom.

This service is targeted at OFW’s and other Filipino’s living abroad who want to send prepaid top-ups to their friends or relatives in the Philippines. AUTOLOAD VIA INTERNET payments will be handled by PayPal, a company that accepts online credit card payments on behalf of Paysetter.
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Apr 6, 2009

Samsung Clover an Eco-Frienly Phone

Samsung Clover is all you need if you want an eco-friendly mobile phone loaded with advanced features, this one must be an improvement over what is out on the shelve of the market today.

The Samsung Clover, it boasts "four different module interfaces that keeps it upgraded with the latest in technology -- vision, location, sound and sensor, cater.

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Apr 5, 2009

Sony Ericsson C510 Priced at Php 10,400

The new Sony Ericsson C510 is 1 of the most affordable Cyber-shot to date.

The Sony Ericsson C510 metallic-looking body has a 12.5mm of thickness and the sliding camera cover makes a bold statement about its imaging capabilities.
Sony Ericsson C510 Priced at Php 10,400
Sony Ericsson C510 Priced at Php 10,400 Sony Ericsson C510 Priced at Php 10,400 Sony Ericsson C510 Priced at Php 10,400

It also has a 2.2-inch QVGA scratch-resistant display, quad-band GSM support plus tri-band UMTS/HSPA connectivity. On board there's an accelerometer for auto screen rotation and motion gaming plus an M2 memory card slot and stereo Bluetooth. Threaded SMS/MMS (conversation style messaging) is among the latest Sony Ericsson features that's also on board the C510.

The new wit cyber-shot camera phone is the smile shutter automatically snaps the shot when your subject beams that broad grin and face detection technology which helps you focus on people.

The price of brandnew Sony Ericsson C510 here in the Philippines starts at Php 10,400.00, about $215 USD
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Microsoft's 2nd Laptop Hunters commercial: Giampaulo buys an HP HDX

Two week ago, Microsoft put out an ad about a lady(lauren an actress) who wanted to buy a 17″ laptop for under $1,000. Not finding a Mac for that price, she quipped “I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person“.
And now the second Microsoft's Laptop Hunters commercials went live, get ready for Giampaulo, who professes to be "technically-savvy" and calls the MacBook Pro looks "so sexy," but ultimately rejects it because he wants to pay for "computing power," not the "brand."

Armed with a $1,500 budget, he walks out of Fry's with an HP HDX 16 that features a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo and NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics, 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB drive -raw numbers that would cost you $2,499 from Apple, although you'd be getting a vastly better display.
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Globe Telecom offers Duo Plan Service

Philippines- Globe Telecom has launched a new unlimited calling service frm globe-landline-globe-globe called the Globe Plan Duo Subscription. This promo service allows Globe subscribers to carry two numbers in a single SIM card — 1 mobile and 1 landline. Check the details of the plan below:

  • Globe Plan Duo subscribers are given a Duo Landline number. The mobile phone and SIM will have two (2) numbers: your current mobile number (i.e. 0917-XXX-XXXX) and your Duo Landline number (i.e. 02-XXX-XXXX).
  • Duo to any Landline calls, any Landline to Duo calls, and Duo to Duo calls. Calls made to other mobile numbers are charged regular mobile rates. Free of charge.
  • No need for a dialing special number - just key in the Area Code + Landline Number and your ringing.
  • Service is initially available in NCR and Cebu. Means if you call outside NCR(02) and Cebu(32) you will be charged regular mobile NDD rates.
  • Subscription to DUO Service is P399.00 for 30days on top of a Globe Plan.

How to Avail Globe Duo Plan:

1. Promo is open to all Globe Postpaid subscribers. Duo is currently not available for prepaid or corporate accounts.

2. Subscriber can avail of the service through the Business Centers or Register via SMS (with required SMS acceptance of Terms and Conditions). Simply text DUO to 8888.

3. There will be an initial 90-day holding period for new activations, subject to pre-termination fee of P1,200.00.

4. You can only avail of one (1) active DUO landline number for every active Globe line, at any one time.
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Apr 4, 2009

Free Nintendo DSi Games

Here's how to get your FREE Nintendo DSi downloadable games from Nintendo:

●Purchase a new Nintendo DSi™ system and access the Nintendo DSi Shop through your wireless broadband connection by October 5, 2009 [more info]
●Register your Nintendo DSi and take surveys to earn free games [more info]
●Download Nintendo DSi from Free Nintendo DSi Games

More Free Nintendo DSi downloadable games here!

R4i for Nintendo DSi Free Download here!

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Why you need to enter your email and subscribe?
Its for you to know the latest Nintendo DS games
For you to update of the free NDSi games
For you to have the the direct download link of free NDSi games straight in your mailbox.

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Google Want To Acquire Twitter

Google is interested in acquiring Twitter, and has had talks with the company about a deal. Google’s internal valuation, however, would value the company at a token premium above Twitter’s last round of financing valuation, around $250 million. Some Twitter insiders want the deal, but our sources say CEO Evan Williams wouldn’t sell even for $1 billion. “He may blink, but he wouldn’t do it,” said one source.

Google may also be concerned with antitrust issues around any major search-related acquisition, we’ve heard (and others have noted).

Clearly there’s a lot of posturing going on, and quite possibly some dissent in the ranks at Twitter. The company is officially stating “Our goal is to build a profitable, independent company and we’re just getting started.” Which is exactly what any company would say under any circumstances. The fact that Facebook acquisition discussions got so far last year suggests that they were open to merger discussions. But the valuation needed to get a deal done has increased dramatically since then.

Would Google pay more than $1 billion for Twitter? No idea. But there’s no way Microsoft lets a deal be negotiated without putting its bid in, too. And if these two giants see Twitter as the future of search, $1 billion is peanuts.
[via Techcrunch]
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Apple and Stanford University will offer free iPhone development courses

Apple and Stanford University have partnered to offer free videos and course materials on iPhone application development. Video recordings of Stanford's 10-week computer science class is being taught by two Apple engineers, and it sounds like videos will go up regularly

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Apr 3, 2009

Sony PS3 System Update 2.70 Download

PlayStation 3 (PS3) owners. Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced the release of the PS3 firmware update (v2.70).

PS3 update 2.70 features a brand new Text Chat option for use on the PlayStation Network (PSN) with Friends list on the XMB and larger file attachment in your message from 1MB to 3MB.
Videos you’ve bought from PlayStation store for PlayStation Portable (PSP) can now be transferred to PS3 for playback. Release date will be announce soon on PlayStation official blog.
Here is the full video walk through of PS3 Firmware version 2.70.

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Update Your Privacy Policy

If you are using Google Adsense to make money online from your blog, you must either create or update your privacy policy by April 8, 2009. This is in preparation of their new interest-based advertising. I will ask me what is that sorry but I really don't have an idea on what’s it about.

If you haven't update your privacy policy yet, There are privacy policy generators out there and the one I used for this site is from and one of those is SERP Rank because it is already updated with new policy required by Google.
Better do it now if you don’t want any problems when it’s time for Google to pay you.
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Apr 2, 2009

MSI Wind U123, X-Slim X320 & X340 price and specs confirmed

MSI announced the specifications for their Wind U123 netbook and X-Slim X320 & X340 notebooks. In Japan, the 10.2-inch Wind U123 has the Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz processor, WWAN and a TV-tuner; meanwhile X-Slim X340 uses Intel’s SU3500 CULV processor. The the X-Slim X320 has an Intel Atom Z530 1.6GHz processor and optional 3G/WiMAX.

The X320 and X340 have a 1366 x 768 13.4-inch display, with the GMA500 graphics and the latter 1080p-capable GMA4500MHD graphics; it also has an HDMI output.It has 320GB storage on the X340 and 250GB on the X320 while RAM is up to 2GB and 4GB. WiFi on both MSI products is b/g/n; they also have 2.0+EDR Bluetooth, VGA outputs and three USB 2.0 ports .

According to my source MSI Wind U123 will be available in the US in blue, red, white and gray come early 2Q. Meanwhile the MSI X-Slim X320 will also launch in the US in May, priced from $700, and the MSI X-Slim X340 will be priced from under $1,000, again from May; both come in silver, black and white.
[via Engadget]
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Apr 1, 2009

Samsung's 2009 Blu-ray Player has Officially Priced

Samsung's 2009 Blu-ray Player
The Samsung BD-P3600 and Samsung BD-P1600 are already on store shelves for $399.99 and $299.99, respectively, Of note, I also red that the ultrathin BD-P4600 will indeed be coming in April for $499.99. I'm wondering if when will Samsung Philippines will offer these Blue-ray players in the shelves Philippine market.

Samsung's 2009 Blu-ray Player

images via engadget
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Sony PlayStation 2 Will Be Available at $99.99

Sony PlayStation has just made an announcement that starting April 1, PlayStation 2 will be offered at a price point under $100 (that’s starting $99.99)

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